What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki practitioners use various techiniques to initiate healing responses within the body. Reiki is used to treat physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues. Reiki is a wonderful compliment to coventional medicine that can aid in the healing process.


Jessica "Jet" Lashea

I am a Reiki Master Teacher + Intuitive trained in Usui Reiki healing techniques. I specialize in Balancing + Aligning your Chakras to find peace and healing. My goal is to help address areas of your life that needs to be healed. I also explore how untreated issues can manifest into mental and physical conditions.

I struggled with chronic illnesses most of my life. But following that journey led me into my own healing work and helping others along the way. One thing you will notice is as soon as we meet you will feel lighter in your energy. I work to help you on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

I majored in Religious Studies and Psychology in undergrad and received my masters in Public Policy. Prior to energy healing full time I taught mindfulness, trained in yoga and facilitated meditation groups. I also love all things metaphysics and continue to grow my knowledge of other modalities such as astrology, numerology, shamanism etc…

Time to get you to your next level!