Reiki Energy Healing Session

Are you on your healing journey? Have you been treating a physical injury, emotional trauma or increasing mental health support? Maybe you are fine health wise and just need some help feeling unstuck. Energy Healing is a great way to balance the body energetically while on your healing journey. Most importantly you get to enjoy a space of inner peace with yourself as you reconnect, rejuvenate, restore and strengthen your body.

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Are you ready to ascend to your next level? Do you see your life drastically growing in a new direction? Are you ready to align your energy in the direction of your greatest goals and co-create your destiny?

These sessions are for those who are:

Going through or would like to begin a large life transition.

Ready to break old karmic cycles and optimize new opportunities .

Ready to put in the work and let go of limiting patterns.

Ready to use the energies of the universe, energy healing techniques and self-care to drastically transform their life internally; so that it can bloom externally.

What to expect:

A typical sessions leaves the participant feeling lighter and aligned. While each person’s needs are different (as well as results) being receptive to the experience is the key to triggering an energetic response. No matter what you are facing you deserve to enjoy life and these sessions do the work to align you energetically to release patterns and guide you to better align with your energy to accomplish anything that you seek to accomplish.

The session includes 30 minutes of Live Distance Healing from a Jessica "Jet" Lashea renowned Reiki Master Teacher and host of Reiki Healing Hope ASMR. You will be in a meditative state and you work with the practitioner to clear out any blockages and to align your energy in the direction you would like to go in. While many would like to live a better quality of life; there is also a learning curve of reprogramming yourself to accept new situations as opportunities rather than challenge that trigger old trauma. Be ready to grow and be seen...

Distant Healing Sessions: have access to Zoom or Google Meet. All times are in EST.

Session must be scheduled at least one week prior to the desired date.

By scheduling this healing session you are consenting to complying with the Private Healing Sessions Liability Waiver found here

Availability is Sundays.

*Rates will be increasing soon*

Astrology Tarot Reading

Sometimes we need guidance, other times we need clarity. Allow spirit to free you from the confusion.

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This Astrological Tarot session includes 30 minutes of an in depth Astrological Natal Chart interpretation, Tarot/Oracle Reading and Zodiacal Releasing. You can ask as many questions as you would like during the reading so use your time wisely. You must have your date of birth, location and time (if you do not know the accurate time I cannot interpret your zodiacal releasing or houses). Reading includes:

  • Tarot Reading

  • Natal Chart Interpretation

  • Zodiacal Releasing (predictions for Love, Career or Health)

More about my reading style. I practice Tarot-Astrology readings meaning I read both your Natal Chart (as an Astrologer) and connect with Spirit to bring you messages (as an Intuitive).

Astrology Tarot Readings: have access to Zoom or Google Meet. All times are in EST.

All Sessions must be scheduled at least 1 week prior to desired date.

By scheduling this tarot reading you are consenting to complying with the Tarot Readings Liability Waiver found here.

Availability is Sundays.

*Rates will be increasing soon*

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Book both Session for a reduced rate


"Just finished my second session with this amazing healer. At one point I physically had an experience on what I believe was a spiritual plane. I had tactile sensation of the world around me and when I opened my eyes I could see the energy flowing around us. It was an awesome and unique experience that has begun to help me to reconnect to myself. If nothing else, it’s also very relaxing and a great way to decompress. Highly recommended. "


"I absolutely loved working with Jessica during our distance session! Jessica truly cares about the highest & greatest good of the client. I can’t really put into words how I felt when the session ended, but it was amazing. I could truly feel the energy flowing from Crown to Root, & back up. Jessica has a great energy, & anyone who comes in contact with her will feel an instant connection."

- Laura T.

"I am beyond grateful and thankful that the universe lead me to find Jessica! I’ve done 2 sessions, so far, and will be doing many more. Jessica’s energy is amazing. She is warm, patient, sweet, kind and caring. She genuinely cares for your wellbeing and see you heal. After each session, she would follow up – and to me, that speaks volumes. It shows me that she cares for her clients and that she isn’t in it for the money. She genuinely wants to see you live and be at you thriving, living your best and vibrant life. After each session I’ve had, I felt amazing. I can only imagine how I would feel when doing more. I strongly and highly recommend working with Jessica. She’s truly remarkable! Thank you soooo much for guiding me and helping me on my healing journey. I cannot wait for our next session!"


"My Reiki session with Jessica went great. She spoke to me and my high self throughout most of the session. She instructed me to breathe deeply 3 times to insure that I would be relaxed throughout the session. When she was sending energy to my throat chakra, I felt the energy flow to my leg, a little above my knees, and above my ankle. When she was on my heart chakra, my heart started beating a little faster, and then the energy flowed to my low leg again. I mostly felt the energy flowing down the left side of my body. She sent the energy up and down my chakras and I felt it energy go up and as she spoke it. Her voice throughout the session, was very calming. "


“Reiki with Jessica was incredibly relaxing and grounding. She was easily able to see the opposition going on between my upper and lower chakras. She helped me think about this is a way I hadn’t before, by talking about them in terms of elements. I felt a lot of negative energy leave my body. After our session I felt extremely relaxed and happy!”


"The session was great! I was in the shower when the session started and the water felt different - almost caressing! You are spot on about my issues with letting go and I’m concerned about how I have allowed my past to affect my health! I will look for the herb you mentioned and start taking it! I do feel a kind of “renewal” happening and I’m working on being gentle with myself in the process! I would enjoy another session soon!! Thank you so very much!!!"